He won't respond to anything


He won't respond to anything, no matter what I say!
Tell me a little bit about why you broke up. What caused the breakup? How long ago did you breakup? How often are you contacting him after the breakup?
Also, what was said during the breakup? Has he reached out to you after the breakup? And if so, what does he say?
I don't know what caused it. A month and a half. I contact him a few times a week. I went to his Christmas party with him, we had relations. He's reached out twice. He said he'd be out to my house then never came.
So he never actually broke things off? He just kind of ghosted? Are you blocked on social media or his phone? It's really hard to tell exactly what happened and why he won't respond to you unless he told you. Regardless, the advice would be the same. I'd recommend giving him some space, and reaching back out in about a month. At the moment, he is ignoring all of your attempts to reconnect. Trying more is only going to push him further away. So, while I don't understand what happened, your best bet would be to stop reaching out and trying to contact him. You want to be less available to him in order to be more attractive to him.
I understand!
I'm not blocked on anything and it's been very minimal contact