My ex[F22] has been ignoring me[M23] for 2 weeks now. Do I still have any chances left?


My ex broke up with me because I was being needy and emotional sometimes, and I feel like she thought that she was at fault for this. She told my friend that she still loves me but she felt like she was making me miserable. I since then, asked her if she wanted to talk maybe two times, and then a calm letter telling her my thoughts of what I can fix. She's never responded to any of them, even though she has read them. None of her friends or her has blocked or removed me on Facebook either. What are the next steps I should take? I know what I did wrong, and I can change, but she won't give me a listen.
Just *saying* you'll improve is a weak sign that you actually will. It's understandable why she wouldn't respond to positively to your letter, she needs to see you change. You should do No Contact for about 3-4 weeks and reengage with a message that drops hints about how you've changed.