Ready to start dating


Hi so far things have been going well with the guy and all but this time I'm waiting it out until he decides to contact me again in the meantime I have made the conscious decision 2 possibly date. Only thing I am never the first two initiate talking to a guy when it came to making the first move..... Is there any way you guys can help me out and give me some solid ideas? These last two weeks is the most I've been out in a long time. And I have to go out when I can because all of my friends are family people now and work full time.......... So I'm also trying to work up the nerve possibly going out alone...... I think doing this will be a major confidence booster.
I think that getting yourself out there again will be really good for you! My biggest piece of advice (which may go without saying) would be to avoid the bar/club scene. A.) it's not a very conducive environment for getting to know somebody, and B.) alcohol is almost always involved, which could lead them (and potentially you) to making choices that otherwise wouldn't even be considered. Try joining a gym or signing up for local classes. This not only allows you an opportunity to learn new things and find new hobbies you enjoy, but it also gives you super easy common ground with which to strike up a conversation. Most importantly, be yourself, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Rejoining the dating pool can seem really daunting sometimes, but it's a great way to connect with new people while having fun! Best of luck!
That's awesome to hear! Adding a little bit on what Marlena said, look for different hobbies and join a group if you're feeling it. I'm really excited for you and hope you gain a lot of new and wonderful experiences. Just be comfortable with yourself, and know that you have a lot to offer. (: