Hello I want my x back


Hello I want my x back am 23 yrs old and he is 34 we met each other in a dating site and we had good connection we called each other everyday in video calls We broke up few wks ago bcoz he was ingonring me a lot and I felt like he was pushing me away I asked him if there is sth bothering him and he is willing to share he said nothing I kept on texting to check on him but he ignored or answered hrs later After one wk of the same behaviour I decided to test him that am tired of his behaviour and wrote the word good bye
He replied good bye and since den I didn’t contact him at all though it’s really hard but last wk on Thursdays he did text me to see if I had bf I said no Right nw am confused either to go back to him or to move on Bcoz he is a no commitment guy And he is scared of true love bcoz he told me he has never loved any woman seriously all his life before our break up Plz help
I think that right now, it would be best to give your ex some space. Given what you've told me, I'm getting the impression that there may be something in his past that he's not ready to open up about just yet. He is showing signs that he has difficulty committing in a relationship, but I don't think he's ready to make himself vulnerable by telling you why he feels that way. I think that a no contact period would be helpful in your situation, because not only does it allow both of you some time to process your emotions fully, but it sort of creates a space where he is more likely to begin to miss you. I think that sending him a brief message stating that you're going to give him some space, and use that time to work on your own personal growth will let him know that it's okay for him to take some time to process this in his own way, and that you will use this time to your advantage. I recommend a no contact period of at least 30 days, and in that time, I feel that it would be beneficial for you to keep yourself mentally and physically occupied. Take this time to reconnect with friends, explore new interests, and remain active. This will not only help you focus on things other than the relationship, but it could very well help you discover things about yourself that you've not known before.
Thank u
Hello it’s been two wks in no contact period and he has not text me what should I do am really going crazy
I read yesterday about contacting him after a break up but I don’t want to look desperate before him that I really want him what should I do
You should wait two more weeks if you can. It takes time for a person to start missing someone. If he doesn't reach out though your chances aren't completely lost. In two weeks you'll want to send him a good reengaging text message that brings up positive emotions. I recommend starting an advice session with one of our experts so that they can help you come up with the right message to try and reengage