Long distance relationship breakup


Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4-5 months, we’ve had ups and downs, took breaks, but always ended up together. Today is his bday and I texted him saying happy birthday I hope you have fun today, and he texted me saying “don’t talk to me” (he lives in Las Vegas and I live in NJ) I ask why and if I did anything wrong and he says “nah my feelings just changed” and then I asked why and I remembered last night I said “I can change quickly but sometimes I stay the same feeling for a long long long time” I feel like I hurt him because all he said was “hm” and I didn’t reply until today. I feel so stupid. I want him back, he also told me awhile back to not wait to text him, because it usually takes him a day to recover from being annoyed or mad. I miss him so much and I need him back, i just don’t know what to say to win him back because if it’s too late he’ll find someone else.
I know it can feel like one wrong comment from you is what ended the relationship, but the vast majority of times there is more at play. It can be really difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship, especially when you are younger, and especially if you have not already had a long-term committed relationship where you lived near each other. I also want you to know that Even if your ex were to find somebody else, that doesn't end all the chances of you two getting back together. Many people date and then break up after a period of time. There's no need to get worried about another girl when you don't have any evidence that he is seen one, and you have no actual control over whether or not that happens. People often go one of two paths when they break up. They try to move on or they try to get their ex back. In this case, the actions look the same in both cases. I would recommend that you take about 30 days to not contact your ex, and focus on yourself. Try hanging out with your friends, learning a new hobby that you always were interested in, working and school. Anything to keep yourself distracted. If after 30 days you still want to get back with your ex, you can reach out with a light flirty and fun message.