My ex doesn't believe that I trust him


How do i get my ex back
Can you give us more content? How long have you been in a relationship? what happened that led to the break up? We need a little more information to be able to give the right advice :)
Well i have a history on trusting people and i trusted him but he said i wasn't and but i don't feel like it was suppose to be over he says that we will never get back together but I am not giving up like that and it was a month and a half i knew he meant a lot but i didn't realise how much he meant til he was gone i just want him back
And he wont listen to me and he wont give me a chance for anything
Please help he's my world I am not me without him i haven't been me til i got with him please please help
Sorry i'm a bit confused. What do you mean you have a history of trusting people? trusting about what? why doesnt he think you trust him? To get him back you need to communicate clearly. how often do you try to reach out? if you're reaching out too often you want to some time for him to get over any negative feelings he might have. I would recommend not reaching out for about two weeks and then trying again. If you constantly reach out it'll just push him away
I have a history of trusting people cuz people told me i could trust them then stabbed me in the back. He doesn't think i trusted him cuz i wouldn't talk but i tried to i just didn't know how to. And i have tried he refuses to listen to me. But when i reach out he just says I am done and i cant believe you now
How often have you tried to reach out? If you're reaching out too often you might want to give it some time so that the negative feelings can go away. Wait a few weeks and then reach out again. When you reach out tell him you were involved in something recently that reminded you of him and ask how he's doing. From there see how the conversation goes. If it goes well then you can try and talk to him and explain to him that you had a hard time talking because of your past, but it wasnt that you werent trusting him. Also explain to him that this isn't you trying to get him back, just trying to get him to understand. Telling him that you aren't trying to get him back might take off some pressure and will hopefully better the chances of him talking to you
Ok i will try that