I acted out of anger, now I don't know how he feels


We’ve been apart for 6weeks, but we’ve still had contact until last Sunday when I sent an email explaining why things fell apart & in the email I stated that I was deleting him out of my phone, pictures as well. I also stated that the more I thought of things I to didn’t want the relationship. However, I said this all out of anger & hurt from the night priors argument. I’m at a loss with this. This is the third time we’ve separated in the 4yrs of being & lived by together. Our relationship never had the fair chance from the beginning & neither of us put the other first and this is what I stated in the email. Had he put me first he would’ve never cheated on me with his ex & had he put me first he would’ve told her about us to being with and so on. I’m just afraid that since I put in the email that I didn’t want the relationship either that this time he will not come back.
I feel that the best way to approach this situation would be to simply be honest and explain that you were angry when you wrote that, and that while you didn't necessarily mean that you're not willing to consider rekindling the relationship at some point in the future, you think that you should each take some time to maintain distance from one another so that you can evaluate your life and your future without being emotionally influenced by him. Let him know that, while you are hurt by his infidelity, you hope that at some point in the future, you can let go of that hurt and put it behind you. This shows him that your goal is to move on from what happened, without explicitly stating that you forgive him and want to get back together. I believe that the two of you have a lot of soul searching and growth needed before you can reengage your relationship in a healthy way, but that with small steps in the right direction, that path is possible for you.