Talking to strangers seems impossible because there's no context


I think context is what creates a conversation and with the people you know. It’s just an ongoing conversation with context, no matter how many breaks and pauses there are. How do I approach a stranger for the sole reason of getting to know her without context. What can I say that won’t sound weird or creepy? I feel like I miss so many opportunities to approach girls just because I have no idea what I can say to not come off in a negative way. I’m fine talking with people in general, but specifically find it difficult when there is no grounds to start something other than my interest in doing so.
There's always a shared experience you can talk about. That's why talking about the weather is so common - everyone experiences it together. However, I don't recommend talking about the weather because it's cliche and boring. A better approach is to observe something about the situation you're both in and make a funny comment about it. For instance, if you're both in line at Starbucks, you can say "it always feels awkward saying 'grande'. What do you say? I just point at the cup and stare". Think about common situations you find yourself in with women you're interested in and think about observations you can make and how you'd comment on them.
Thanks. Also tried the live service and it was really helpful!