Want to Convert a Snapchat Connection into a Conversation


I have liked this girl for a long time and she is a very guarded girl. We snap each other back and forth often but we never end up talking in the DMs. How do I start a conversation to get her interested. At night she replies to my texts but during the day she often leaves my messages on snapchat on read. What's a good line to start and continue a conversation?
Why do you feel as though she is guarded? Also, just to clarify - have you ever met her in person, or is this just an online connection?
Ya we are friends in person as well. We meet like once or twice a month with other friends. She has told me before that she is a really guarded person and doesn't open up with everyone.
Oh ok - well being friends with her in person helps a lot. Is there a reason though that you don't try to connect with her in person more instead of being more concerned that she is not DMing you on Snapchat?
Also, in terms of her being "guarded", it is not uncommon for people to not feel comfortable to just open up to anyone until they get to know them better...but seeing as though she seems to have an active social life...and also since she likes to share her life on social media, I don't think you have to be concerned about this.
She lives far so we don't end up meeting often and when we do meet we are with other friends so I don't get the chance to talk to her in private. How can I keep her interested in my conversations via snapchat messages?
When she does respond to your texts, do you try to turn it into a longer conversation?
Ya. But this only happens during the night. During the day our text changes are very slow and sometimes she doesn't reply. But she still snaps me.
You don't need to have long/meaningful conversations during the day too. You can take advantage of her openness at night to build a connection, and during the day keep it light.
How should I start my next text conversation with her?
That's the type of advice we can give in a chat session. I'd have to know how your conversations typically go before suggesting what a good next text/snap should be.