He's seeing someone else right now, but messaging me on FB


After 18 months I still love him and want him to come back. He's seeing someone else right now. He looks me up on facebook everyday. We've talked and texted each other occasionly but not much. I always try to act happy over the phone. But it's extremely hard for me. I can't even be mad at him. We were together for 10 years.
How serious is his relationship with the person he's currently seeing?
I really not sure. We've never have spoke about it when we have talked or texted each other. I try to act like it doesnt bother me
If you're not sure, then based on his behavior I'd say it's probably not too serious. Acting like it doesn't bother you is the right move, but you should also be more proactive, like contacting him first or steering conversations towards topics with more substance.
Thanks, but then I think I'd be pushing him away if I started contacting him first. He knows how I feel about him and I'm afraid he would take it as I'm needy or something
I don't think you have to be concerned about pushing him away or appearing needy if you keep the texts light (meaning not getting into past issues that could lead to an argument) and also it's not as though you would start texting everyday or sending multiple texts. Basically, you can engage...just don't over-engage. If you keep your tone cool and the content of the texts cool, and don't over-message, you won't appear needy.
But I don't feel he'll come back. Also he's my ex husband not ex boyfriend. Just trying to figure out why he looks ne up daily on facebook. I figure he still cares a some or wouldn't be wondering what I'm doing
Why don't you think he'll come back? Based on what you're saying about him checking your Facebook on the daily...it definitely shows signs that you're on his mind. How long has it been since you had contact?
2 days. I texted him about his son. He did text back.
Well it's a good sign that it was only 2 days ago...and also a good sign that he texted you back. Have you ever communicated to him that you want to reconcile?
No, he knows I still love him. I'm positive he knows I want him backand I'd take him back. He's the love of my life and always will be
It's never a good idea to assume the other person knows how you're feeling. You might want to be clear and let him know.