I want my ex back so badly


My ex and I have been broken up for a month now, & he tried to move on but his other ex wouldn’t give him a chance but it’s clear to me I can’t get over him.... I want him back & truly love him !!!
I'm not sure what his other ex had to do with being unable to move on, but I can give you some basic advice regarding your own break up. I know that you've broken up a month ago, but have you tried a month of not speaking to your ex? Even though the relationship ended a month ago, it sounds like you have still been very much involved in your ex's life, including his relationships with his other exes. This means that neither you nor he has had the chance to emotionally recover. You both have still been riding the roller coaster ride of emotions. I would recommend taking a step back and giving yourself and your ex the space to forget the negative feelings, and potentially let the relationship bloom again.