How to get my ex back 😢😢


How do I get my ex back, we broke up two weeks ago because I ended it but that's because I over reacted and never ment to end it but when I did he said that he was loosing some feelings for me we were dating for a year and 3 months I was a bit controling but I never realised until we broke up and now he won't speak to me and I just really want him back please help me out ? 😢
Sometimes we do need distance from a situation to see what we need to work on, so it is good that you realize that you may have been controlling to prevent that from happening going forward. This breakup is still really fresh, and he is likely pulling back more because you made the decision to breakup. That can really bruise a person's ego. (Also he may have just said he was losing feelings because he was hurt...or maybe just frustrated because the two of you were having problems.) The best thing for you to do now to increase your chances of getting back together would be to give him space and not contact him...I would say for at least a couple of weeks at this point - ideally a month. Give him time to get over what happened. Also, when if you don't contact him, he will likely start to wonder why you aren't and miss you as well...and then hopefully reach out to you.
I just want my ex Fatima back