One crush that will never go away


One crush that will never go away I have had him for about 6 years now and now I’m really starting to get annoying all I can think about now is well nothing except for him I’m going crazy I haven’t talked to him in forever
Not to mention on another side of that I need help with saying the right things to a guy and not being socially awkward I guess I’m not sure especially if I were to tell him about something and speak up I don’t gather the right words to do so and it just makes it into a fight I couldn’t give you an example of this though it happened a while back and don’t really remember. It’s just hard for me to talk in relationships and that’s one of the key things that you need to do and I can’t do it.
Well, talking in relationships is the same as talking to anybody in your life. You have a relationship with everybody in your life, so you are perfectly capable of talking in relationships. We can get really nervous when we talk to people we have romantic feelings for, so sometimes we stumble and are awkward. This is completely normal and tends to get better as we age, but not completely. The only way to get more comfortable with talking with a crush of yours is to practice. You will say things that will make you cringe later, but it will get easier with time and practice. But if you're feeling like you may be annoying your crush now, is that because you are contacting him too frequently and trying too hard? If you think you are doing too much, you probably are. So take a little break and don't reach out for a little while to your crush. In the mean time, you can practice talking with attractive guys so you will be more comfortable when you talk to your crush the next time
I’ll try thank you