Texting is the Poetry of Modern Courtship

What does the archetypal classical romantic man do to make a woman fall for him? He writes her a beautiful love poem, of course.

Is a love poem high in emotional value? Definitely. The woman feels:

  • Pleasure from hearing the melodic use of language
  • Pride from the compliments in the poem
  • Excited and turned on by the writer’s bold declaration of his romantic intentions
  • Honored that the writer invested a lot of time and effort to write the poem for her

We’ve promised to reveal the beautiful possibilities of texting. If “beautiful” strikes you as a flowery exaggeration, it’s probably because you’re so used to reading and writing uninspired run-of-the-mill texts.

Have you ever watched someone else send a well-crafted text? You can tell it’s going to create emotional value for its recipient, because you can feel its positive emotion for yourself. It has the same kind of beauty that a love poem has, or any work of art for that matter. (In fact, we might simply define “art” as “anything which creates emotional value”.) That’s why we see texting as the poetry of modern courtship.

That said, there’s no rule that says you can’t text someone a love poem on OKCupid: